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Updated: Oct 7, 2019

"Smile. You look pretty when you smile."

He said those words in a noisy gym

Walked on by after tossing playful words at someone new to him

I maybe caught his eye

He snagged fast my heart

Grins decades later and denies remembering that romantic part

He hasn't said those words recently

Been busy caring for my heart, nurturing me

Mows paths in the woods

Asks me to walk along

On trails where a few years ago I didn't think I could

Autumn nights

Clearer sight

Not perfect, you know

But as these things go

My heart's at ease and content and quiet and slow

My body's battered

Thicker and scarred and some places shattered

Not in ways you'd maybe right off see but

His love makes this girl free

To smile and slowly re-find me

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