The quality or state of being healthy in body and mind, especially as the result of deliberate effort. - Dictionary.com

The forties, as a personal decade, was a disaster. Cancer does that kind of tearing apart and breaking up in the soil of life. Along the way my garden path has wound around grueling recoveries, wellness, more ground breaking with colon cancer round two, and the personal choice to deliberately embrace a path to wellness that has included a bunch of things. Raw foods. Juicing. Rest. Focus on God. Hunkering down into difficulty and finding courage to exist and then to thrive in the soil where God placed us. Dealing with emotions (hello, essential oils and iTOVi nutrional scans). Embracing gifts and learning to give them back to God.


I told my husband recently that in my fifties, I want to travel more. What that will look like I don't know yet but I have a year to think and plan. Maybe I need a really BIG map. And a bucket list. Speaking of bucket lists, keep in touch by signing up for my newsletter and I'll send you an Autumn Bucket List printable.

I love walking in the woods, quiet time and prayer in the outdoors, playing piano at home and in our local church, nature photography, blogging, making signs and wood crafts, and dreaming. Lots of dreaming.


Wellness is wrapped up in deliberate effort. Let's dig in together and bloom abundantly!

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